Pride is the Problem


Jeff Walchshauser

Pride destroys the church and wrecks our personal lives. (1 Corinthians 4:6-21)

Pride is the Problem

1 Corinthians 4:6-21

Pride destroys the church and wrecks our personal lives.

Pride is incompatible with the Christian life. (6-13)

Confronting our pride is essential to our walk with Christ. (14-17)

We must do whatever it takes to eradicate our pride. (18-21)

Are you a proud person?

Pride – inflated opinion of and focus on self

study questions:

For the Next Lesson: 1 Corinthians 4:6-21

1. Read verses 6-8. What are “all these things” from verse 6 that Paul has applied to himself (see 1:10, 17; 3:18, 21; 4:1)? What does Paul mean by “puffed up”, and how does this affect the unity of the Corinthian church? How do Paul’s words in verse 7 drive home Paul’s point about the Corinthians being “puffed-up”? What is Paul’s accusation against the Corinthians in verse 8 (hint: it has to do with their pride, settling for less and a bit of sarcasm in the last line)?

2. Read verses 9-13. What point is Paul making in these verses? In your own words describe the Corinthians’ attitude versus Paul’s attitude. How does each of these attitudes either promote or threaten unity? Why do you think he was being so repetitive and pointed in his communication?

3. Read verses 14-17. How would you describe Paul’s motivation and heart as he writes this letter to the Corinthians? What does Paul urge the Corinthians to do in verse 16? Does this challenge seem arrogant? Why or why not?

4. Read verses 18-21. What is Paul communicating to the Corinthians in these verses? What do you think it would feel like if these words were directed toward you? Are you a person who received criticism or admonishment well? How so?

5. So what. What can you learn from Paul in these verses about spiritual leadership and mentoring? What do you learn is at the heart of disunity and division among Christians? What is the cure for disunity? Would you describe yourself as a prideful or humble person? Why? How can you personally grow in humility (see also Philippians 2:1-8)?